Sunday, July 26, 2009

Viva la Mexico

This shot is from a recent trip to Mexico. The pose, the colors, the sassy suit....I love it!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I can feel's gonna explode....

Do you ever get that feeling that if you don't sit in your studio and make some jewelry (or create whatever it is that floats your boat) you are going to explode? I have that feeling right now....I have been so inspired lately and it's gotta squirgle (a Lucy word) it's way on out soon. When I am done writing this book (by the end of next week) I have a serious hot date with my studio. I need a nice chunk of alone time with a mess o' wire and some pliers.

What's with this recent surge of inspiration? Is it the simple things in life, or is it the big "in your face" stuff? Is it the weather, is it the Renegade Craft fair I went to last weekend, is it Izzy's messy hair, is it Paul's guitar, is it the music in the park, is it my new shoes, is it the smile on my moms face, is it my bike rides, is it the plethora of apricots in my yard or the nearly ripe tomatoes? Perhaps it's a pinch of each, combined and stirred together. Is it from a general feeling, or an exposure to beauty and color.....can ya pin it down? Can ya put a finger on what lights that fire? I hope not, because if you can clearly define it, you will try too hard to chase it or artificially recreate it. I am happy to have it pop in when it wants, when it finds a clear and appropriate passage. And when it is absent I will wait, and be, and observe. Will it wait for me?

It sure would be nice, though, if inspiration would strike when you aren't completely busy with something else....I know, I know, don't push it, be still. In fact, I will stop questioning it and just be grateful ;)