Monday, October 27, 2008

Latest and hopefully last health report....

Sorry I have been neglecting this blog. I have so much going on, but I will save most of that for future blogs :)

So here is the latest on my health. I finally, literally in the past few days, feel normal. Since my first surgery on August 7th I have been up and down and mostly down. I am not whining, just trying to make it clear how PSYCHED I am to feel normal again. Ya know, when you feel weird and jittery and anxious and panicky and spinny and nauseous and generally yucky for 3 months, you start to feel like this is your new normal. But as of this week, I truly feel better. I even went to a party and danced! I thought I would be in the corner popping my Ativan but I was up and celebrating my friend Dave's 40th birthday watching my husband rock out with his band. It felt SOOOOOO good!

I started feeling better the day after my 3rd Acupuncture appointment last week. I really feel that acupuncture works but I just don't like it. I wish I liked it, but I just don't.....I don't think I will be going back. Too bad too because I am all into holistic medicine and again, I feel like it is helping me (my Acupuncturist is a true healer!) but it just creeps me out. The occasional painful needle just ruins the whole thing for me and I am not afraid of a little pain (2 births with no drugs for goodness sakes). Oh well, maybe it is tied into my anxiety and I will try it again when I feel more at ease.

From my last doctors appointment, all my blood levels are up and good but my Parathyroids are still "asleep". I won't bore you with the details of what Parathyroids short, they control your Calcium absorption and mine ain't working (hence the really scary trip to the ER with dangerously low Calcium). There is some question as to whether I still have Parathyroids??? They are tiny and can sometime accidentally come out during a Thyroidectomy. So, I continue to take 2.5 calcium horse pills 3 times a day with 2 vitamin D's twice a day. Here is the deal is good, I will gladly take a parcel of pills for the rest of my life. I had Cancer and now it is almost gone and if one of the side effects of that is poppin pills everyday, I am a-ok with that!!!!!!!!

Oooops, I just realized that no where in this blog have I mentioned that I had/have Cancer. Well that is why my good for nothin' Thyroid had to be removed ( side each surgery). I had a 3 centimeter nodule on my Thyroid and 95% of the time they are nothin' but lucky me, I fell into the 5%. I haven't really written about that in this blog because I tend to not get too personal here but what the heck, now that I feel better I feel like spilling my guts :) I really don't like to mention that this Thyroid issue was/is Cancer because, of all the Cancers this is the one of the few that is completely curable. With surgery and one treatment with a radioactive iodine pill (which I will do next month) most folks are cured....when I say most, I mean like really most, like 99%. Personally, I think they should rename it. I mean if it is curable, can we call it something other than Cancer? That word is so scary and it freaks people out....with good reason.

So there ya go....I am feeling well, I hope you are too!!!! :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

New lowercase font....drum roll please

Over at the shoppe at, we received the samples of the new lowercase letter stamps for making stamped jewelry and let me say, WOW WOW WOW. The whole office was jumping with excitement (nothing excites us more than new cool tools). They only sent me samples of a few letters but the quality and precision is amazing. The sets are in production and I have begged and pleaded to get them before mid November so you can all have time to make your holiday line of jewelry with them, or to put the sets on your wish list :)

We still don't have the final price but IT WILL BE LESS THAN $200...woohoo!

So I am finally willing to show you the it is. PLEASE post a comment to let me know what you think!
This font was hand drawn by me (Lisa, head mama here at I learned a lot about how to create a font. We named this font Kismet, because it was so meant to is so "me".

Each letter was very thought out and edited over and over again. Some letters had a lot more loopiness to them but it got to be a bit much so we turned it down a bit. I am very happy with and hope you are too!