Sunday, August 9, 2009

Felt like sooooo long ago?

There are chapters in my life where the years just kinda come and go. Yeah, there is always good news and bad news and kids growing and changing and such but all in all, pretty smooth sailing. Well today I realized that it has been exactly one year since my first Thyroid surgery and it has me reflecting on the passing of this year. This has not been an easy year. Was it really just a year ago? Feels like longer. I am not writing here to blab about the details but more to explore this whole thing called time.

How often do you recall an event in the past and say "man, that seems like ages ago" or "seems like just yesterday"? So here's my question; if there are positive or negative feelings associated with an event, do those feelings define the perceived passage of time? My first surgery, and all the hell that came with it, seems like waaaaay longer than a year ago. My wedding feels like "just yesterday" but maybe that is because it was a blast and I wish I was still there. I certainly don't feel like I can possibly have a 6.5 and 9 year old. Seems like their births and toddler hoods truly were just yesterday. Watching my step dad take his last breath seems like forever ago, yet it was just in March. Maybe the bad and yucky things feel like forever ago, and the positive things feel more recent.

Hummm, not sure if I am coming up with a proper theory here. I will sit on it.

This is the kinda stuff that keeps me up at night pondering. I tend to get hung up on the stuff that has no explanation, go figure!


I love bowling!
My kids love it too!
Good fun for the whole damn fam!

New art....i'm a big girl now

We recently bought a new painting. It is the most expensive piece of art I have ever bought and well, that kinda makes me feel like a grown up.

My daughter Izzy attends an art class on Saturdays to learn to paint oil on canvas. This piece was painted by her amazing art teacher, Bernard Beneito. He is this wonderful gentleman from France who is highly influenced by various cultures, Blues Music and New Orleans. This painting depicts the beloved Marianne, a national emblem of France, relaxing over Paris. This is one of Bernards very favorite pieces and I am quite proud to have it on my wall.

Izzy is on her 12th painting. Bernard has been trying to push her to paint people. He knows she is ready but she has been reluctant. He finally got through to her a few weeks ago and she is 3 weeks into this painting. Here she is working on her 2nd layer. I am gonna need a bigger house soon with more wall space!