Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bad blogger! & end of the year update :)

So, I have decided that I am just not a good blogger! And those of you who pop in to check my blog probably agree. Perhaps I put a bit too much pressure on myself. I want to share what's going on with me.....the "me" that is an artist. I hope to share stories of inspiration and creativity o' plenty, but the "me" that is a business owner is so damn busy that the "me" that is an artist is sitting on the back burner toasting her bunz.

Most of you check in to see how my business and kids are growing....well, let's start there. My business,, is, well how shall we put this, simply put, it's amazing! We have grown immensely. The last few months have sure taught us some lessons. Our sales and customer outreach is bigger than we thought and are trying our darnest to keep up :) My staff here, is top notch. I have the most talented and dedicated team, and I am soooooo grateful!

As for my kids, don't get me started. Oh my god, they are so great and fun and sweet and kind! Between the 2 of them, 3 teeth have been lost in the last month. Izzy is 9 now and Lucy will be 7 on the 21st of this month (my Solstice baby....bringing the light) We went to the doc yesterday and my poor Izzy, she is so tall. I love it (I was super tall at her age too) but she HATES it. She is off the charts tall, not like a little over the 90th percentile off the charts, like way off the charts. I am sure it will come in handy somehow (volleyball? bullying boys?). Anyhow, there is a slight update for ya :)

As far as "me" the artist, I got a lot to tackle in the next few weeks. I will be submitting 2 chapters for a wirework book Denise Peck is writing, proofing the final layout of my book (yeah!), reorganizing my office (I will post a before and after) and then it's time to start crankin' out some jewelry. I need to come up with 2 new for Hooked On Wire 2010 and one for a Wirework Retreat I will be teaching at in Laguna, CA in Oct (more info to follow....this is gonna be a BLAST!). Oh and tomorrow is Beaducation's end of the year party....oh yeah, I will post photos of that fer sure. We have all worked very hard, it's time to blow it out, the Champagne is chilled, the limo is booked!!!

So, it's time to get my bunz off the burner, clean this office, light a few candles (I always work with a candle lit....mmmmmm) and let the creativity flow......wish me luck :)