Monday, April 18, 2011


We've made the big move!  Beaducation has a new home.  We have moved from 2000 square feet to 5700 square feet. Room to spread out. More room for creativity and product. We even have a dance floor.  Well, it's a large open space affectionately referred to as "the dance floor". The kitchen is huge, the creative space is huge, the shipping/warehouse has tripled in size.  We have 6 private offices, 3 custom built "cubes", 5 bathrooms and a secluded, quite shootio (shooting + studio = shootio).

On friday we unpacked the last of the mountains of green "green" bins that we rented (need moving boxes?  ZippGo is amazing!).  Late friday we put together the "creative room". Today I finished building our cubicle walls...more on that once I get the pix off my camera.  And also today I taught my daughters how to use a power drill and they put together their desks for my office (only stripped 2 screws).  My new office is super big! I can fit a desk for each of them (complete with 2 bottles of glue, 2 sets of pens, 2 sets of pencils, 2 scissors, 2 things of tape, 2 sets of pliers, 2 mix packs of wire....can you tell we have been having a bit of a sharing issue in my house lately). I even have room for a couch, work table AND I have my own own bathroom!!!

I will be posting a big "before and after" blog soon.  This building has made an amazing transformation.  All the Beaducators are super excited about our new home.

But for are 2 "before" pictures.  Notice the nasty lighting, the lack of floor and the horrible light grey with dark grey trim paint job.  All that is gone now! More soon......