Sunday, August 9, 2009

New art....i'm a big girl now

We recently bought a new painting. It is the most expensive piece of art I have ever bought and well, that kinda makes me feel like a grown up.

My daughter Izzy attends an art class on Saturdays to learn to paint oil on canvas. This piece was painted by her amazing art teacher, Bernard Beneito. He is this wonderful gentleman from France who is highly influenced by various cultures, Blues Music and New Orleans. This painting depicts the beloved Marianne, a national emblem of France, relaxing over Paris. This is one of Bernards very favorite pieces and I am quite proud to have it on my wall.

Izzy is on her 12th painting. Bernard has been trying to push her to paint people. He knows she is ready but she has been reluctant. He finally got through to her a few weeks ago and she is 3 weeks into this painting. Here she is working on her 2nd layer. I am gonna need a bigger house soon with more wall space!