Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday testing

It's Saturday ....and super sunny and nice you know where your kids are? Yeah, mine are with a babysitter because my husband and I are at work. No complaints though, I have a goal and I am crankin' on it. Over at we are launching a new site, and we are sooooo excited about it. Not only will the site have a nice fancy face lift, it will now feature product videos. We are filming these videos every week so our library will constantly be growing.

Don't bother clicking that play button, it's just a screen shot. But hopefully you can view the actual video very very soon :)

So here I sit, no distractions (except the Arctic Monkey....loud!). I am testing, inserting alt images, linking product videos, testing classes, editing pictures, shooting pictures and drinking Green Tea. I am focused! I hope my kids are enjoying this sunny day.