Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lopsided watermelons ???

Dear Mother Nature,
You are a persnickety lil' lady and I fricken' love you!

In case you missed it in the June 2 issue of the San Jose Mercury, there is a logical reason for this year's lopsided watermelons.
Watermelon plants have both male and female flowers. The pollen on the male flowers has to be carried to the female flowers by bees. It is a heavy pollen and so big bumble bees or several smaller honey bees are needed to do the job. In cold or rainy weather, of which we have had lots this spring, bees don’t fly or do so irregularly. As a result, the watermelons are not properly pollinated and the resulting fruit grows in an irregular or lopsided fashion. With warm weather, the bees will be working full-time and our later season watermelons will not be lopsided.

**7/8/10 update...I bought a watermelon yesterday and it was indeed lopsided, and tasty!