Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Summer Camp

I am up to my ears in summer camp plans. Last night I spent 2 hours with a spread sheet, 3 city parks and rec brochures and 6 webpages opened, trying to plan my kids summer. It is so hard to get the schedule just right. I have to work a full week so the dream summer of sitting by a pool or lake ain't gonna happen. We will squeeze that in, as much as possible but I need to keep my girls busy! They have the coolest camps these days; magic camp, lego camp, sewing/fashion camp (oh yeah we are all over that!) science camp where you grow crystals and my favorite, hip hop camp. Can't I go to some of those camps....why don't they have camps like this for mommys?
Anyhow, we will work it out. I am glad that summer can be a time of trying new things and meeting new friends for them :)...cause mama's gotta go to work and make some jewelry!