Sunday, August 31, 2008


We came home from a friends house last night at 11:00PM to a Fire truck and a bunch of firemen in our front yard. After my heart skipped 3 dozen beats, we found out that a big huge branch from the tree across the street, had fallen. It was huge, and smashed my neighbors car (that used to be an Expedition). If we were not out at our friends house for dinner, my car would also have been scrunched as the branch hit my parking spot and landed just shy of our front lawn (10 feet from our house)....phew!

Let it be a reminder to us all that Mother Nature has her own timing but we should all try to keep up with her by trimming our trees and getting them inspected. I will be calling the city this week to take a look at a big ol' Magnolia tree hanging over my kids room that is looking like i'ts dying.