Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hummingbird Girl

I am hiding in my moms house right now because I just took the test dose of Radioactive Iodine and need to be away from people (especially small blonde girls with blue eyes) for the afternoon and evening. After I took the pill, I got in my car to drive home and as I turned on the radio the very first words that came out were the Police singing "don't stand, don't stand so, don't stand so close to me". I laughed until I almost cried. Yep, don't stand close to me!

My friend Mary, who is one of the funniest people I know, wrote to me this afternoon and here is what she said

"I think the fact that you're "RADIOACTIVE" is WAY cool. You're like a superhero--radioactive then bitten by hummingbird or something--to become HummingbirdGirl! You can have a cute little superhero outfit--with tights and wings and a big HG on the chest of your leotard. (Make sure your outfit includes some glitter, too). Children beaten up by bullies will cry, "Save me, Hummingbird Girl!!" And you will swoop down and flutter violently. Store clerks will yell for you and you'll fly in the face of robbers, confusing them with your rapid wings and making them drop their booty of cash and condoms. And, like Superman, you have a weakness. You are strong and brave--but must avoid clean glass windows and doors, for fear that you may hurl yourself into them unknowingly. "