Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Barf Bag Designs

There was a time where I thought I should change my business name to "Barf Bag Designs" (sexy huh?). See, for a while, the only time I came up with new designs was when flying in an airplane. Up in the clouds, there are no computers (well mine is usually in the overhead), no phones, no TVs and often times I am alone. All you can do is listen to music and look out the window (window, not aisle please). I find it to be the most relaxing and inspirational spot to ponder. So as I ponder, I need something to write on....oh look, it's a barf bag. At some point, I started using barf bags as my canvas of choice. They are perfect. I have been designing on barf bags for about 8 years. On a recent trip, my mom saw me doodling on a barf bag and she offered me a piece of paper. I declined.

Earlier today, I was searching for something and came across some barf bags with sketches all over them. There is some good things on there!