Thursday, June 18, 2009

A few things I love about living in Redwood City

  • The weather. After all, Redwood City is "climate best by government test", just ask us.
  • The fact that a 10 minute drive will take you to amazing hiking trails.
  • The fact that a 40 minute drive will take you to a camp site that makes you feel like you are in Tahoe.
  • A 3.5 hour drive will take you to Tahoe.
  • A 12 minute drive will take you to Anthropologie.
  • A 6 minute bike ride will take you to Whole Foods.
  • A 7 minute walk will take you Peets Coffee.
  • A 30 minute drive North or South will take you to an International Airport to take you anywhere.
  • San Francisco is oh so close which means easy train or bart access to The Fillmore, China Town, North Beach and the Ball Park.
  • Today on my way to my chiropractors office in Portola Valley, I had to stop to let 2 deer and 4 baby deer get out of the street.
  • There were way more Obama signs than McCain signs....well at least in Redwood City.
  • I can walk my kids to school.
  • Soon my kids can walk themselves to school....hallelujah!
  • You get to say things like "I live in The Wood".
  • My mom lives 2 towns south.
  • The trees are big....and old.
  • and the weather, again.