Tuesday, January 12, 2010

tiny little coils

I need to come up with my 2010 Hooked On Wire project. It was due to the lovely Susan, well, like last month. I have finally come up with an idea. My hope is to crank out a pendant similar to the classic French wrought iron work I am so darn fond of. I have this book (pictured left) , and I am thinking that maybe if I sleep with it under my pillow it will inspire me beyond conscious recognition.

I have spoken about my love for ironwork about 2 years ago in this blog post. It is very typical of me to obsesses on something, dive head first into it, loose sleep over it and then put it aside. So here I am 2 years later, reworking and re-getting excited about this work. But this time I plan to cover the scrolls in little tiny 26 gauge coils. Part of the draw to this class will be to learn to coil long lengths of tiny wire onto another tiny wire (no, not with your hands...forget that, we will be using a drill, and no we won't be coiling onto a hard mandrel, we will be coiling onto a 3 foot piece of 22 or 20 gauge Sterling Wire...yes, with the drill) and also learning how to shape that coil without distorting it.

So that is my plan. I am only writing it here in hopes that it will help in executing said plan. I gots the plan in my head...now let's see if I can get it into wire...stay tuned!